BJ'S Flat Creek Kennel


   Bichon Frise, Maltese  & Havanese

             Terriers -  Boston, Silky, West Highland & Wheaton

                   Fall has arrived and the leaves are changing and some are falling.  Winter is not far away.    Here at Flat Creek Kennels we are having lots of cute loveable puppies.  As always we pride ourselves on raising well rounded puppies.  They are very people oriented, playful, loving all around wonderful pets.  You will love having your very own puppy from our house to yours.
             Please don't believe all the bad things you hear about the Missouri Breeders.  We are hard working honest people and we are smart enough to know that unhealthy, uncared for dogs don't have healthy puppies.
   Puppies are  Double Vet Checked, Same Day Delivery, One Year Guarantee
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